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      HOW THE BLESSED DAY OF REST WAS SPENT IN THE ARMY.He held her hand loverly-wise for a long moment, Pen steeling herself not to shudder. Then he left the room.

      The blow came to the negro as a welcome relief. It was something that he could understand. He sprang to his feet, grinned, snatched up the campkettle, and ran to the spring.

      "I'l bet on the nigger if the car is stout onuf,"87 and sich. Jest then Groundhog cum runnin' up to help Billings, and reached over and ketched Abe, but I hit him a good biff with the musket that changed his mind. Billings turned on me, and called out to the others:"I ought to put every one o' you in' the guardhouse for this. It's lucky that the Officer of the Guard wasn't here. He'd have done it. There he comes now. Skip out after the wagon, quick, before he gits on to you."

      "Doggone it, here they come," said Shorty, snatching up his gun.

      The prisoners were overwhelmed by this generosity on the part of their foes and captors.

      "Never went to a circus, then, old man, or run for office," replied the storekeeper, and his humor was rewarded with a roar of laughter. "Anything else? Speak quick or step back."

      Pen caught her breath. "Ah, don't speak," she murmured. "Or I sha'n't ... be able to go through with it."





      The Duel. 1391. The words themselves prove that they are figurative. Turn to 1 Cor. xi. 25, where we read: This cup is the new testament in my blood. Is there any one blind enough to suppose that the cup was changed into the new testament? The words must mean that the cup was an emblem of the covenant. When our Lord said, I am the vine, I am the door, I am the bread of life, He did not mean that He was changed into a vine, into a door, or into bread, but that all these things were emblems of His work. So He says of the cup, that it is an emblem of the covenant; and if we would be consistent interpreters, we must believe also of the bread that it was declared to be an emblem of the body.